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"Through this world I've stumbled..." (5 Vicodin)

Yesterday, well...I did say in theory. Which is to say, that I didn't get to the edits for Pink Delicious. But, I will today. In theory.

Mostly, I sat here and dithered. And fretted.

And I did this, so I'd have something , no matter how dubious, to show for an otherwise wasted day:




All Photographs Copyright © 2013 by Caitlín R. Kiernan and Kathryn A. Pollnac

You can decipher the context. Or not. Thus far, the photographs have been met with resounding indifference (from their target audience), but maybe you guys will enjoy them.

It very, very humid here, where Green Autumn stands ready to spill over into September. Currently, 75% humidity, 79%F, and overcast. Pretty shitty. I haven't been talking about the weather here, because you can only spend so long bitching about something like that before you grow tired of hearing yourself.

Last night, being a Friday and being the 30th of the month, was the last Kid Night of the misbegotten Summer of '13. So, we did it up good and proper. We began the evening with pizza from Fellini's, then moved along to Tommy Wirkola's Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013). An incredibly ridiculous film that surprised by being a lot of fun. And great creature and makeup effects, While we OD'd on sugar and grease, we then watch all of Season One of Frisky Dingo (2006-2007) and the first three or four episodes of Season Two (2007-2008). It's not Archer, but it's very funny, and you can see most of the elements of Archer falling into place (and, of course, Archer went of the make frequent references back to Frisky Dino and other Reed/Thompson projects).

Actually, I made an interesting analogy when Kathryn and I were discussing the relative merits of the two shows: Frisky Dingo is bad RP. It rushes along at a breakneck pace, tossing in so many plot elements and characters (a good number of which it promptly forgets) that the whole is finally a chaotic mess swamped under its own sagging weight. This is not to say that Frisky Dingo isn't funny. It is. But it's also its own worst enemy. It succeeds despite itself. After only one season, most of its initial power is spent, and it has to rely on the gimmick of having its two main characters run for the presidency. On the other hand, Archer takes its time. It actually focuses on character development, for example. Now, whether or not this is evidence of the creative team of Adam Reed and Matt Thomspon suddenly maturing as storytellers and comedians (probably, I'm the first person to imply there's anything even remotely mature about Archer) or if it's FX reigning them in, I obviously can't say. I'd bet the latter. But, yeah: Frisky Dingo = Bad RP. Archer = Good RP. Weird fucking analogy, I know.

Right now, in Atlanta DragonCon is in full swing. From 1994-2004, I did ten consecutive DragonCons – as a guest. For the last two years I cosplayed as Nar'eth. Sometimes, I miss DragonCon. Mostly I don't. It became a nightmare, and I imagine it's gotten vastly worse in the last decade.

Jesus God, it's almost two o'clock. Okay, enough of this. Gotta go do stuff that writers who haven't been behaving like slackers do.

Get Off Your Ass,
Aunt Beast
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