greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"...where dog soldiers are reflected."

Yah, I'm still here. I'll try to get back to making genuine entries on Monday. I remember a time, in the very recent past, when people would become concerned about your well being if you missed a few days blogging. That was then.

But here's a photo from Friday evening at the Providence Athenaeum, shortly after the unveiling of the new bronze Lovecraft bust. yeah, the flash does nothing good for my subterranean homesick alien complexion. Grandpa Theobald's lookin' snazzy, though. Taken by Frank H. Woodward (director, Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown):


Still Here,
Aunt Beast
Tags: blogging, cons, frank woodward, hpl, libraries, providence, then vs. now

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