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"Abraham’s daughter raised her bow." 2

Okay, so as if yesterday's wonderful MTV shout-out to Alabaster: Wolves wasn't enough to make me do a triple take, there's more. Today, MTV Geek! proclaims of Alabaster: Wolves #2:

Dark Horse has three great offerings this week, including ALABASTER WOLVES #2. If you weren’t sold on the title from the FCBD story, we’re not friends anymore - but before we break off relations permanently, check out this issue for one of the darkest, saddest stories of supernatural extermination ever recorded.

Here's the full article (though I quoted pretty much everything pertaining to Dancy).

Alabaster: Wolves #2 hits shelves tomorrow, hardcopy and digital! Virtual shelves, in the latter case. Hope folks have been asking for pull bags...


Today, Spooky and I played hooky and saw a 12:30 matinée of Joss Whedon's The Avengers. I loved it. I loved it a lot, top to bottom, stem to stern. And I am ecstatic that Whedon finally has an unqualified directorial blockbuster to his credit. There are too many great moments in the film to bother singling them out, and I don't wish to descend into spoiler territory here. Two bits of advice: 1) be sure to see Kenneth Branagh's superb Thor first and 2) stay through the credits, and I mean all the way through the credits. But, I did miss Ed Norton.

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